S&G TimeLock Electronic Keypad Instructions

Time Lock Keypad (TLKP) Model 6120-420 for use with S&G lock models: 2003 (Z03 Rotarybolt™), 6124, 6125, 6126 Audit Lock, and 6127 Audit Lock

General Information
•  The TLKP is “digital” (not analog like other S&G e-locks). Input codes with a quick push. Holding down the button will give unsatisfactory results.
•  Lock functions remain the same after installation of the Time Lock Keypad. Refer to the operating instructions packaged with the lock for programming and usage of lock functions.
These instructions are for the Time Lock Keypad only
•  The TLKP factory default Master Program Code is: 0 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 #
•  The TLKP factory default Program Code (also known as the Local Code) is: 1 2 3 4 5 6 #
These are keypad codes, and are separate from any Master Code and/or Supervisor Code that may be present in the lock.
•  To enter TLKP programming mode press [START].  When the time and date appear on the LCD, press  and hold * until the LCD prompts you to enter a program code.  Enter the program code, followed by #
•  All codes and most data entries must be followed by pressing #.
•  When options are available on the LCD, you can scroll through them using the * and # buttons.
•  Pressing and holding 0z powers down the keypad.
•  If you refrain from pressing any ke ypad buttons for approximately one minute, the keypad will power down.
•  If 5 or more incorrect codes are entered in a row, the keypad will shut down for 15 minutes after displaying the “Penalty” message.  During this period, the keypad will not accept an y code entries, and will  display “Penalty” whenever code entry is attempted.  When [START] is pressed, the amount of penalty time remaining will be displayed.  Attempting to enter any code during the penalty time will cause the penalty timer to reset to the full  15 minute period. This is independent of any penalty time feature built into the lock.

More information can be found by downloading the instructions below.