S&G 6124-6125 Electronic Lock Instructions

General Information

a. About Your Lock

Each time you press a number, letter, or other character on the keypad of your Model 624 or 625 electronic safe lock, it beeps and the red LED flashes. If it doesn’t, check your batteries to make sure they are fresh and connected properly, then try again.

The lock responds with various beep sequences to indicate different conditions. The symbols ♪ in examples show the number of beeps you hear. Always wait for each set of beeps to end before entering

another number or letter, or you will interrupt the code sequence.

Important points:
•When programming, you enter new codes twice, to confirm their accuracy.

•Clearing the Lock: If you start to enter a code and make a mistake, you can press * to clear the lock, or wait 10 seconds and it will clear itself. Note: Do not wait more than 10 seconds between entries or the lock will clear.

•Error Beep: If you hear a long continuous beep during any programming sequence, you made an error. Start the sequence over.

•Error Penalty: If you enter five incorrect codes in a row, the lock starts a ten minute penalty time. If you enter another wrong code during this time, you’ll hear two long beeps, and the lock will not open.

You have no recourse other than to wait ten minutes before entering a valid code to open the lock.

b. PIN Positions

Each code created for use in your lock is assigned a personal identification number (PIN) position. The Master Code is PIN 0 (zero), the Supervisor is PIN 1, Users are PINs 2 through 8. If your lock has the duress feature enabled, User PINs 4 through 8 are automatically disabled and are not available. The Time Delay Override Code uses PIN 9. If Time Delay Override is disabled, PIN 9 works like a standard User code.

c. Changing the Batteries
No codes or program settings are lost during battery replacement. Carefully remove the keypad housing by first lifting the bottom edge (closest to the S&G logo) and then easing it off  the base. Detach the old batteries from the terminals. To prevent bending or breaking the holder, support the top of each battery holder as you insert each fresh battery; Duracell alkaline batteries are  recommended. Note: If power is removed from the lock in Management/Employee mode, the lock powers up in the disabled state.


More detailed information can be found by downloading the pdf below