SentrySafe Media Fire Cabinets 1856CTS

SKU: SentrySafe 1856CTS Fire Cabinets
Weight: 782 lb
Dimensions: 24 in × 22.8 in × 62.5 in

SentrySafe Media Fire Cabinets are designed with the highest quality materials, and manufactured to meet or exceed the most stringent industry requirements for fire protection, with indenpendent third party UL classification.
These cabinets provide practical storage space, with standard interiors that can be easily customized using our extensive line of accessories and a variety of lock options, in a convenient and attractively priced alternative to off-site storeage. 
The SentrySafe Media Fire Cabinets complement classic and contemporary office décors. Wether it's paper documents or computer media, these cabinets are the right choice for businesses looking to protect their future.

Features And Specifications

UL Class 125º Media Rated Fire Endurance (1 hour at 1700º F) - Protects CDs, Diskettes, Microfiche and film as well as paper documents
UL Classified Explosion Hazard Resistance - Design integrity protects contents against explosions in case of sudden exposure to intense heat
Impact: UL Classified 30 foot Drop Test - Equivalent to falling two stories; contents remain intact and locked

High quality key lock - additional locking options are available
High Security Medeco-lock are standard on CS+ Models
Concealed locking mechanism adds additional security

Seamless design provides a sleek, attractive high-end appearance
CS+ Models are available only as specified and only in off-white