SentrySafe Fire Resistant Vault Door V78406

SKU: SentrySafe V78406 Vault Door
Weight: 1147 lb
Dimensions: 0 in × 40 in × 78 in

Sentry V78406 vault door provides 6 hours of fire protection. This vault door has earned a Class B Mercantile Burglary Rating. The unique design of the the vault door frame can be installed easily with non-grout installation. There is an inside escape mechanism. Two U.L. Standard 140 compliant re-locking devices automatically reset the lock bolt if the lock sustains tool or torch attack.

The Sentry Safe File or Vault Room Door will give the same assurance that banks, schools, hospitals and many residential customers have relied on for over 130 years of protecting their valuables from fire and theft. All doors undergo rigorous testing by Underwriteres Laboratries Inc., including fire endurance tests for variable times, as well as additional tests involuving water blasts to simulate firehose sprate and reheating for half an hour. Every Sentry Safe door performs at a level which exceeds its UL required rating. Both doors are equipped with a Standard Key Change Combination lock as well as a relocking device mechanism.
Vault Features:
Class B Mercantile Burglary rating.

Beveled threshold.
Can be installed in masonry or concrete openings from 7 " to 18" thick.
Right or left swing.
Dimensions: 78" x 40".
Key changeable combination lock.
Lock Options available.
UL 350F 6 hour fireproof rating.
Optional Day gates and automatic door closer available.

The vault door comes standard with a key changeable combination lock but there are many other lock options available.
Please call for more information on lock options and other vault door accessories.
*Please specify if it is a right swing or a left swing.