SentrySafe Fire Resistant Vault Door V78324

SKU: SentrySafe V78324 Vault Door
Weight: 990 lb
Dimensions: 0 in × 40 in × 78 in

Ideal for smaller masonry openings, this 4 hour fireproof door is made for vault rooms, gun vaults and the protection of cash, coins and collectibles.
78" x 32" Fire Resistant Vault Door
Inside escape mechanism (so you won't get locked in)
Four available colors: Tan, Gray, Charocal, Forrest Green
UL Class 350 4 hour fire rating
UL Class B Mercantile Burglary Insurance Rating

Available Locks include:
Group 2 Combination Lock (best selling and top customer pick!)
Combination Group 1R (x-ray and manipulation proof)
Combination Group 2 with key locking dial for dual control
Combination lock, Digital 
Key locking handle for dual control 
Time lock, 2 and 3 movement

The vault door comes standard with a key changeable combination lock but there are many other lock options available.
Please call for more information on lock options and other vault door accessories.
*Please specify if it is a right swing or a left swing.

Outside: 83.50" H x 42.50" W x 0.00" D
Inside: 78.00" H x 32.00" W x 0.00" D
Interior Cubic Feet: 0.00
Weight: 910.00 lbs
Burglar Rating: B-Rate
Fire Rating: 4 Hours