SentrySafe Fire Resistant Vault Door D78401

SKU: SentrySafe D78401 Vault Door
Weight: 1073 lb
Dimensions: 0 in × 40 in × 78 in

UL Class B Mercantile Burglary Insurance Rating  
UL 1-hour fire rating   
Choice of colors 
Left swing to door (see custom options for right swing) 
Choice of locks
Inside escape mechanism
Beveled vault threshold
Non-grout installation in walls 7-18" thick.
The vault door comes standard with a key changeable combination lock but there are many other lock options available.
Please call for more information on lock options and other vault door accessories.
*Please specify if it is a right swing or a left swing.

Sentry vault doors provide high security protection for use in banks, jewelry stores and fire safe rooms in homes. Complete with a Class B Mercantile Burglary rating, Sentry Vault Doors can be mounted in walls 7" - 18" thick. Carrying the UL Class 350 fire rating provides maximum security. The strength and reliability of a Sentry Underwriters' Laboratories Standard 155 compliant Insulated Vault Room Door draws from over 130 years of protecting your records and other valuables. All Sentry doors carry a Class B Mercantile Burglary Insurance rating for security, Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. labels and certifications for times specified. The unique design of the Sentry door frame allows for easy, non-grout installation in walls 7" - 18" thick. For further protection and safety, each door includes an inside escape mechanism which can be easily located and operated, even in the dark. Two U.L. Standard 140 compliant re-locking devices automatically reset the lock bolt if the lock sustains tool or torch attack. A beveled vault threshold allows for easy passage of wheeled carts as well as a seamless transition of the door and its environment.