Sentry Safe Record Safe 4068CN

SKU: Sentry Safe 4068CN Record Safe
Weight: 1665 lb
Dimensions: 31.75 in × 47 in × 77.25 in

SentrySafe Record Fire Safes provide certified, point-of-use fire protection for vital business records.  These products have been built to exceed the stringent UL class 350 label requirements, and are also certified to survive a drop of 30 feet onto rubble during a fire such as a fall through burning floors.
Our Record Fire Safes, provide maximum filing capacity for your valuable records. The safe interior components are constructed of welded steel and finished in attractive, durable air-dried enamel paint. Accessories are sold separately, to allow flexible storage in a variety of funtional configurations.
While standard equipped with a Group 2 combination lock, a variety of locking options are available to accomodate your individual security needs. These safes have a UL certified re-locking device to set the bolts if the lock is punched in a burglary attempt. They are available in five standard colors: gray, charcoal, off-white, tan and putty.

UL Class 350º Fire Endurance (1 hour at 1700º F)
UL Classified Explosion Hazard Resistance - Design integrity protects contents against explosions in case of sudden exposure to intense heat
Impact: UL Classified 30 foot Drop Test -Equivalent to falling two stories; contents remain intact and locked

High quality Group 2 Combination lock - additional locking options are available

Height x Width x Depth
Height x Width x Depth
Capacity Weight
77.3 in x 47 in x 31.8 in 68.3 in x 40.4 in x 23.5 in 37.5 cu. ft 1665 lbs
196.3 cm x 119.4 cm x 80.8 cm 173.5 cm x 102.6 cm x 59.7 cm 1061.9 cu. li 59.7 kg