Sentry Safe Personal Fire Chest 1200

SKU: SentrySafe 1200 Personal Fire Chest
Weight: 15 lb
Dimensions: 11.2 in × 14.3 in × 6.1 in

Compact and versatile, the SentrySafe Fire Chest is popular worldwide. The 1200 protects your family's most important paper documents, media and valuables from fire damage.

New contoured body design
Standard fire protection – UL Classified for Fire Endurance  (1/2 hour at 1550 ̊F/843 ̊C), to protect documents, records and valuables stored inside from fire damage
ETL verified for ½ hour fire protection of CDs, DVDs, Memory Sticks and USB Drives up to 1550 ̊F/843 ̊C to protect precious media in the event of a fire
Privacy key lock to keep unwanted viewers away from the contents in the safe as well as prevents the lid from opening in the event of a fire Includes two keys in case one is misplaced
Convenient carrying handle to assist with ease of transportation

Height x Width x Depth
Height x Width x Depth
Capacity Weight
6.1 in x 14.3 in x 11.2 in 3.5 in x 12 in x 7.5 in .18 cu. ft 14 lbs
15.5 cm x 36.2 cm x 28.4 cm 8.9 cm x 30.5 cm x 19.1 cm 5 cu. li 6.4 kg