Sentry Safe Fire File 1170

SKU: SentrySafe FF1170
Weight: 32 lb
Dimensions: 12.1 in × 15.3 in × 13.6 in

Key lock for privacy
Color: Light Gray
Fire protection for digital media, tested for 1/2 hour up to 1550°F
Lifetime after-fire replacement guarantee
Manufacturer's limited warranty
Proven UL classified - 1/2-hour fire protection

The 1170 protects your critical home or business documents, enabling you to keep your important information neatly organized, accessible and protected should disaster strike.

Height x Width x Depth
Height x Width x Depth
Capacity Weight
13.6 in x 15.3 in x 12.1 in 10.4 in x 12 in x 8.5 in .6 cu. ft 32 lbs
34.5 cm x 38.7 cm x 30.8 cm 26.4 cm x 30.5 cm x 31.6 cm 17 cu. li 14.5 kg