Original Enforcer Safe 1612

SKU: Original HOS 1612
Weight: 119 lb
Dimensions: 17.9 in × 16.7 in × 19.8 in

Designed by top high security safe engineers, The Original Enforcer home & office safes will provide critical fire & burglary protection for your valuables & documents when the protection is needed the most. 


Unlike the safes in the big box stores, the Original Enforcer 1612 has a UL Listed High Security Lock, Steel Locking Bolts in All Four Directions, an Active Glass Re-Locker, and a World Class Locking Mechanism, features that will make a difference when it counts.  On top of all that, The Enforcer 1612 has 2 bolt down holes to anchor the safe down.




(Image 2 is of a left hand swing safe.  Safes are standard in right hand swing like Image 1.)


  • Burglary Resistant – Anti-peel zee bar structure armed with super alloy Manganese steel plates on strategic drill points. 
  • Fire Resistant – Withstanding temperatures up to 1850 Degrees, the Enforcers carry the manufacturer tested 350 Degree 1 hour fire resistant rating.
  • High Security Lock - LG Basic II High Security Chrome Electronic Keypad comes standard with every Enforcer. User-friendly operations with six digit private code.  Mechanical lock also available.
  • World Class Locking Mechanism – Carries an impressive active Glass Relocker
  • 4 Way Locking Bolts – Massive 1 inch hardened Steel side bolts, Chrome fixed bolts, and the All Important Top and Bottom Locking Steel Bolts, a feature hard to find in most other home safes. (The 2216 model and up have 1 1/2 inch side bolts)  All bolts lock into receiver cups.
  • Safe Door – Overall thickness of 3 inches
  • Safe Body – Overall thickness of 2 ½ inches
  • Door Hardware - Shiny Polished Chrome Pull Handle and Chrome Tri-Spoke Turn Handle
  • Bolt Down – Safe equipped with 2 Anchor Holes for Installation
  • Storage – Adjustable Shelves standard with easy slide in shelf clips
  • Options – Drawer Interiors, mechanical locks, larger sizes by custom order, concealment cabinets.
  • Designed by high security safe engineers, The Enforcer has been equipped with protection features like no other safe in its class. Every Enforcer safe is lined with the powerful fire resistant and eco-friendly material Perlite, which is proven to withstand intense heat while insulating cooler temperatures. The Enforcer’s futuristic appearance is innovative in design, and its ease of use will leave owners comfortable and confident. With a range of six different sizes, there is an Enforcer safe for most storage needs and budgets, and if bigger is requested, Original Safe and Vault Inc. can create it. A safe far ahead of its time, the Enforcer by Original is the highest quality economical safe available.


Safe Model
Inside Dimensions (inches)
Outside Dimensions (inches)
Volume (Cubic Capacity Inside)
Add an additional 2 inches to depth for handles and hinges.