KABA MAUER - Relino 131 - 86012

SKU: KMM86012

High-quality hinge with maintenance-free bearing bushes.

Installation applications: plane or docked (opt.).

The hinge Relino 131 is complemented by the Relino 131 A, a false hinge with a lead-through for cables in an identical design. It is ideal for cables with large cross sections.


Relino 131 - standard

Installation application: plane
Upper and lower hinge: each with strap hinge and bearing
Upper and lower hinge: total height of each hinge approx. 131 mm
Upper hinge: movable bearing
Lower hinge: thrust bearing with hardened steel disc
Drawn steel
Pressed pivot pin, Ø 25 mm, C 45 case-hardened
Self-lubricating bearing bushes
Suitable for right hand doors


Suitable for left hand doors   
Installation application: docked (pivot pin pressed in bearing)   
Upper hinge: movable bearing with lead through for cables (not for use in conjunction with option ASL008)   
Upper hinge: movable bearing with lift blocking M8 (not for use in conjunction with option KBL)   
Lower hinge: adjustable thrust bearing*   
With caps, aluminium EV1 anodised, Ø 38 mm, loose threaded pins   
* NB: If the lower hinge has an adjustable thrust bearing, the bearing cannot be equipped with a lower cap.

Please Indicate Left Hand or Right Hand