KABA MAUER - Hinges Relino 71 - 86023

SKU: KMM86023

High-quality hinge.

Installation applications: plane, projecting 6.5 (opt.) or docked (opt.).

The hinge can be supplied optionally with a lead-through for cables or an adjustable thrust bearing.

Relino 71- standard

Installation application: plane
Upper and lower hinge: each with strap hinge and bearing
Upper and lower hinge: total height of each hinge approx. 71 mm
Upper hinge: movable bearing
Lower hinge: thrust bearing
Drawn steel
Pressed pivot pin, Ø 12 mm, drawn stainless steel
Suitable for right hand doors

Suitable for left hand doors   
Bolt 16 mm, self-lubricating bearing bushes, thrust bearing with disc   
Installation application: projecting 6.5 (for door constructions projecting 6.5 mm)   
Installation application: docked (pivot pin pressed in bearing)

Please Indicate Left Hand or Right Hand