8 Channel Embedded DVR


Embedded DVRs do not use a Windows® operating system. In fact, there is no software at all on the hard drive. All functions are contained (embedded) on software encoded computer chips. You actually view these in real time. Easy for anyone to set up. The Embedded series Digital Video Recorders (DVR) operate just like a VCR. However, they have many features that make them more powerful and easier to use than even the most advanced VCR.
This DVR converts analog video (NTSC or PAL) into digital images, easily and effortlessly, and also records them onto a hard disk drive. Using a disk drive will allow users to access recorded video almost instantaneously without having to rewind or fast forward through a "tape." There is no need to adjust any sort of tracking. You can freeze frames and forward or rewind without image streaking or tearing. Digital video can be indexed by time/date or events, and users can instantly view video after selecting the time/date or event.

All features can be controlled from the front panel or from any computer. The rear panel provides convenient connection for video and audio input/output. These units make any type of home or office surveillance system a real joy to use. Life is made simpler with the amazing advancements in modern technology. It is time for you to move further into the 21st century, and create an effective home surveillance system for the safety of your family and your home.

Features: Records 8 channels simultaneously in high resolution (720×480), New H.264 compression (allows longer record time in same amount of space), Real time recording, USB backup, multi-lingual, live network playback capability, all DVR functions controllable through remote access, Easy to retrieve video, time and alarm information, easy to restore and power on in case of power failure, up to 8 wired cameras, 2 year warranty. This system also works with smart phones including: iPhone, Blackberry, and Android just by downloading an app.

Specifications: Video input = 8 channel composite BNC, Video Performance= D1, Video output = Composite BNC, VGA output, 1 HMDI(1080P), Audio input = 4 CH RCA, Audio output = 1 CH RCA, Alarm input = 4 CH, 1 Alarm outputs, LAN Connector = RJ45, PTZ Control = RS485, Real time 240 fps, Storage= 500 GB HDD included, Power= 12V, Dimensions = 15” × 12” × 2 1/4”

Includes: IR remote control, USB Mouse, 8 Channel Embedded DVR, Optional Hard Drives